Need a Probate Attorney in Morro Bay, California?

Need a Probate Attorney in Morro Bay, California?

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If your loved one has passed away and you don't know what to do next, you need the help of a probate attorney. Ogle, Merzon & Kirschner can ease the burden of distributing their estate. Our legal team will carefully review any documents drafted by the deceased to determine the best way to distribute their assets. We’ll make sure their wishes are followed and represent you if any further issues crop up during the legal process.

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Probate law services in Morro Bay, California

Ogle, Merzon & Kirschner has handled probate law matters for area residents for more than six decades. Our attorneys can:

  • File a petition to probate a will
  • File a petition to administer an estate without a will
  • File a spousal property petition

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